8 Replies to “Picture of the Day: Mandarin Fish”

    1. @TolandArt It was purdy (before it died). They are really hard to keep in a #saltwater aquarium, but this one lived for years.

      1. @justinbarba Oh I’m sorry it died. 🙁 I had a blood parrot for years that one day got ich and within 4 hours was totally covered and dead.

        1. @TolandArt Ich sucks! My brother is updating his 135 gallon #saltwater tank, so we’re going to take Gianna to the fish store today.

        2. @justinbarba It does suck! Saved our GOLDFISH from it this year lol. Gianna will love the fish store, Wolfie sure does! Lots of color. 🙂

        3. @TolandArt And we haven’t been to Reef Missoula yet–heard good things. She turns 1 on Saturday.

        4. @justinbarba What is Reef Missoula? I can’t believe she is going to be 1 this week, that seems crazy. How has it already been a year?!?

        5. @TolandArt It’s a new-ish saltwater aquarium store (maybe been here a year). My bro is really into keeping corals. Time flies way too fast!

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