Trees of Yellowstone

I have a thing for trees. I’m not a treehugger, but I really like just about everything about trees, from their roots, to their branches, to their leaves. Living trees, dead ones, they hold some sort of magical thing for me. As a kid, I used to look out on the forests of the Flathead (where my grandparents lived) and imagine all the fairies and other strange creatures who lived there unseen. The forest was just plain mysterious. The same thing goes for forests everywhere, especially the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park.

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Yellowstone is one of my favorite places. I like to hike it, seeing new things and looking at how things have changed since our last visit.

Mount Washburn is a great hike–from the top, you can see pretty much everything in the park, from Lake Yellowstone to the Canyon, to the surrounding mountain ranges. If you’re in Yellowstone and want to do a moderately difficult hike, this is a great one (it’s around 5 miles). One benefit of spending some time near Mount Washburn is that if you’re there toward the 3rd or 4th week of July, you can enjoy the fields of wildflowers along Dunraven Pass (adjacent to the mountain).

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I love the Yellowstone River, even seen through these branches.

[singlepic id=116 w=450 h=600 float=center]

I took this shot on the hike to Avalanche Peak near the East Entrance. I like how this spot opened into a corridor. I could imagine a fairy queen holding court somewhere down the path. There was also question as to whether we were gong to run into a Grizzly Bear on that hike since we found some very fresh bear poop toward the beginning of the trail.

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Given all the fires that rage through Yellowstone all the time, you see a lot of deadfall trees (if you step off the roads and go into the woods a bit).

I have thousands of tree pictures that I plan to weed out and post here at some point (some of them, anyway). These were just a few I liked in Yellowstone National Park. I’ll select some more and put them up here soon (hopefully with wittier reparte than I have managed this morning-insert winky smiley).