They Grow Up Too Fast!

It may surprise you, but I’m too damn sentimental.

Gianna and Clyde Looking into the Sunroom
Gianna and Clyde looking into the sunroom before she could get in there on her own.

I am. I may not tell everyone about it all the time, or show it, but I choke up way too often for my liking. All sort of things make me do it, but one of them is seeing Gianna reach milestones.

She’s growing up way too fast.

I took this shot a weeks ago when Gianna first figured out how to climb down the couple steps into the sunroom. She has been going up and down carpeted steps for months, but up until the moment I took this picture, she hadn’t tried to go down these ones. It was always a safe haven for the dogs and their loot.

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Her first time climbing down the steps took about 30 seconds–and once she got down there, she was so damn happy that I had to laugh out loud with her. The second time took about 20 seconds (which occurred immediately after she explored the entire room as if she had never seen it before).

By the end of the day, she could climb down the steps in about 1.5 seconds.

Now her new pastime is recapturing her socks and wash rags (which Gretel has been stealing for months and taking in there to lick and bite).

Of course now Gianna is in the sunroom all the time, looking out the windows, licking the glass, harassing Clyde (apparently it’s a very fun room to spend time in). This morning I caught her pulling handfuls of dirt from a planter and feeding it to Gretel. At least she didn’t eat any.

I took this picture through Clyde’s legs (he walked into my shot).

Gianna in the Sunroom

It’s fun to see her reaching milestones right before my eyes. I never thought I’d be doing this or that it would be so much fun. She is certainly growing up too fast. I can see how people feel bittersweet about their kids growing up.

Time freaking flies! I have to say that nothing has ever really brought it home to me every day so much as watching Gianna grow, especially this winter. I have been home a lot since Christmas, so we’ve been spending the days together. I think that has really accelerated  how much I notice her changing. With spring coming, that will change. We’ll get back to work outside every day, and she will go back to my mom’s all the time. I’m curious whether I’ll notice the changes more or less.

We’ll see, I guess.

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8 Replies to “They Grow Up Too Fast!”

  1. You’ll notice it more, trust me.

    We have the same pajamas! (Weird, right? Who would have guessed? >_<) We have fun trying to guess what dinosaurs the various, er… cartoons, are supposed to be.

  2. And to follow up: tonight I caught her eating dirt from the planter. It was only a matter of time.

    1.  @JustinBarba My Pediatrician says they should eat at least a pound a year… sounds like she’s behind? (Probably not with all the pups around… ) 

      1.  @dakotamarie She is certainly exposed to a lot of dog hair and tracked-in dirt from Clyde. It’s really tough to keep Clyde’s feet clean on days where things melt enough that his claws dig into the backyard.

  3. One cool thing is that they still reach milestones when they are your age…and it is still fun to watch.  And bittersweet, too.

    1.  @Carol Berg Very true, isn’t it, Carol? I suppose that is one way to look at it. We do all keep learning and doing new things all the time. I guess that by raising Gianna, I’m definitely in a new stage these days.

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