Sometimes You Just Need to Be Upside Down

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Gianna does this all the time. She loves being upside down, whether I’m holding her up in the air or she’s doing it herself. I love when she bends over like this and watches us through her legs.

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I love how little kids don’t consider what other people think before they do silly stuff. They’re free to do whatever they want until they start learning to be afraid of what other people think. They learn to fear criticism and to worry about how other people see them.

They become adults.

It’s worth trying to remember that it really doesn’t matter if other people think you’re silly, goofy, or funny. In fact, if they do think that about you, you’ve probably won.

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6 Replies to “Sometimes You Just Need to Be Upside Down”

      1.  @dakotamarie Or at least I bet she will be a yoga kid. I need to quit calling her a baby since she really isn’t one. She’s a yoga toddler.

  1. Okay, this is a bit of a non-sequitor, but huge, diapered bottoms are always funny to me. It looks like one boop would send her flying into a somersault. Teeehheeee.

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