Instead of Fighting Against Gay Marriage, Go Do Something Useful.

Last night, I saw an argument against gay marriage that was predicated upon the idea that marriage is inherently a religious thing.

I despise the idea that just because the Founding Fathers, Jesus, Little Bo Peep, or Saint So-And-So used to do something a certain way or for a certain reason, then we should just keep doing it the same way now.

Times change, people. We learn as time goes on (I hope). Slavery went away. Black people became people. Gay marriage is inevitable.

The only argument against it in the United States in 2012 comes from right wing Christians. In saying that, I’m not being biased against them. I’m merely stating a fact. The movement to marginalize gays comes from them–they’re trying to defend the “sanctity” of marriage only because they’re afraid of gays. They have an agenda, and it doesn’t include letting gays get married.
Most reasonable people I know, including my extremist Christian friends, think it’s fair for gay people to get married. They don’t support gayness, they think it’s a sin, etc, but they agree that gay people should have rights. If they didn’t we probably wouldn’t be friends. Why? Because I’m biased against stupid assholes who think they should tell everyone else how to live.
Anyone who desperately wants to deny gay rights should do some serious self-examination and try to figure out what’s wrong with them. Instead of wasting time trying to deprive other people of stuff, they should go do something useful/create something new/brighten someone’s day.
That’s it for now.

3 Replies to “Instead of Fighting Against Gay Marriage, Go Do Something Useful.”

  1. Yup.  Right on.  Who marries whom is no one’s business but the people getting married.  Why is the government even involved?
    Also, do you know an ad for Billy Graham’s Evangelical Association is serving right below this post.  It amuses me.  =)

    1.  @KassMcGann It’s funny that I always get ads for the opponents of whatever I’m talking about. It usually seems to work that way. *shakes head*

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