Hello from Missoula!

Howdy ho and hello!  Well, I have decided to move my blog from www.justinbarba.com to Livejournal here so other people can post on it.  Yay!!  I am probably the only one cheering at this moment, but that’s okay.

This morning I posted a quick haiku (is there any other kind?) on Jay Lake’s blog for a contest he is running: http://jaylake.livejournal.com/1395197.html

I didn’t actually write about why I should win the contest, which is what you are supposed to do, but that’s not what came to me this morning.  I would love to win an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of his new story Escapement,  but I was caught up in thinking about eating cloned animals.  How awful an idea is that?  I don’t want to eat some engineered beast (even though, really, we have already, from what I read in an article yesterday).  Yuck!  I guess one could make the argument that we already constantly eat engineered plants, but it just doesn;t seem as bad to me as eating cloned animals.  I keep thinking about that cloned sheep stumbling around . . .  no thanks.

I better get to writing this morning.  It’s a bright sunny day here (a rarity for Missoula) and looks like spring outside, which gets me going.