Story Lengths

This morning I read a blog entry by Jay Lake regarding story lengths.  His list is great, especially coming from a guy who knows the industry (he has published like 99 million short stories and some novels etc, so he knows his thing).  Check it out:

I get tired of reading crap online “published” by so-called experts regarding publishing.  You can read all sorts of crazy stuff, so it’s nice that this writer takes the time to exgage in dialogues about all sorts of publishing related issues that those of us who aren’t on the inside don’t know about.  Plus he writes fantasy and science fiction, which is cool.  You don’t have to worry about other genre guidelines (of course this is assuming you write sci fi and fantasy, which I do).

I should also say that I am coming along nicely on Unleashed:  The Eddie Black Story.  Eddie just killed his first enemy in the story, which is something of a milestone for me, since I have been waiting to get the guy into a fight scene since I came up with the idea for him.