Heroes, a Killer, and Banning Guns

In the aftermath of this insane shooting down in Tucson, I have some thoughts.

1. It’s amazing to see that some of the people jumped right to it, tackled the gunman, and immobilized him. One guy even ran over from a neighboring business after hearing the shots and helped take down the guy. There are still heroes.

2. Gun laws. I see now that they’re really talking about how the legal availability of guns allowed this guy to shoot the victims. Of course this is true, but In the United States, criminals can always get their hands on guns, no matter where they live, no matter if guns are banned in a city. Chicago is a great example. Guns have been banned there for years, but gun-related violent crimes abound. So my point is, criminals can get guns if they want them.

3. The 9mm. Sometimes you hear people saying the 9mm round isn’t deadly enough. Well, tell that to the people this guy killed. He might have killed the 2 wounded people if he had used a .45, although he would have had fewer rounds available to him. I am not saying the psycho should have used something bigger (he should have just fucking shot himself if he wanted to kill somebody), just that 9mm is obviously a nasty round and a viable option for self defense. Maybe he would have been killed (or stopped faster) if someone around there had been carrying a Browning Hi Power.

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