You Are Not Your Job!

You are not your job.

I don’t care if you have a crappy job or a great one. You are not your job. You spend a lot of time doing it, and it certainly reflects parts of you, but it isn’t actually you.

We might respect other people for doing what we consider excellent jobs (doctors, lawyers, professors, etc), and that’s fine, but jobs are just jobs. They don’t make you better than other people. They don’t make you worse. We are what we do all the time. The total sum of how we spend our time.

Recognizing this keep me going.

It motivates me to create, to produce things, to be better.

My dad is a great example of someone with a normal job who does extraordinary things. He builds cars, he flies airplanes, he travels all over the world.

My Dad John Barba Flying his Cessna 150
My Dad John Barba Flying his Cessna 150

He can figure out how anything mechanical works. He is a Renaissance man, but how does he spend most of his time? He is the foreman of the paint shop at the University of Montana. Obviously, my brother and I got into house painting because of him. That’s how we make money, so it’s a huge part of how we spend our time. But being a house painter doesn’t define me, just as being a painter doesn’t define my dad. It’s a huge part of him, but it’s not him in total.

So don’t let your job define you either. You’re more than that.

When you’re off work, in your free time, what do you do? Do you create things? Do you actively spend time doing stuff? Do you waste time thinking about your story ideas but not actually writing? Do you plunk your kid down in front of the tv instead of playing a game with him/her?

Do or do not. There is no try!

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