Motivating the Spammers

Since starting up Hey! There Is No Try, I have gotten some pretty damn funny spam comments. I generally just delete most of them out of hand, but the following just struck me as too funny to get rid of:

“I would like to consider the chance of thanking you for your professional instruction I have often enjoyed viewing your site. I am looking forward to the commencement of my university research and the whole preparation would never have been complete without consulting your site. If I could be of any assistance to others, I might be glad to help through what I have discovered from here.”

I’m glad to know that my “professional instruction” in the area of Missoula, Montana’s Greenough Park could help him so much. That or the update on my then benchpress weights (the post is one I imported from my livejournal and was written about a year-and-a-half ago when I was much better at improving my body than I have been for a while lately).

Wouldn’t it be funny, though, if he actually spent a second or two on the site? If he did, I hope he at least took away that no matter what life dishes out, you need to keep on trucking.

Onward my young Padawan. May your “university research” be complete!

Now I’m going to get back to my novel.