Sally is our Miniature Pinscher. She’s 13-years-old now, and proves to be very tough. She is losing her eyesight and her hearing, and she has to fight to use her back legs. She’s strong and determined to get what she wants, which is usually food. She weighs 7 pounds, so she is what I call a micro dog, although for a lot of her early life, she was extremely overweight and weighed 13 pounds. Most of her life, Sally was a fiery little dog who was determined to get what she wanted. She was ferocious, energetic, and fearless. Watching her grow old and feeble has really brought my own mortality home for me, and it has made me think a lot about the cycle of life. ¬†Where she used to jump up and run around, gobbling up whatever potentially edible tidbits she could find, now she mostly just lies around trying to get comfortable.

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