A Dingo Ate My Baby

Okay, a dingo didn’t eat my baby (luckily), but I think it’s funny to say, so there you go. I think parenting (like pretty much everything else in life) is a lot easier when you find the humor in it. And look at Gianna’s expression in the bathtub–I think she’s a bit skeptical!

I think I look sort of goofy in this bath shot, but I love her expression (especially when it’s combined with her funny hair). Everybody says she looks like a cupie doll.

Gianna at Christmas With Her Tongue OutGianna at Christmas Holding an Ornament and Grinning

Since my wife and I had been married for 15 years before deciding to see if we could have kids, I have a sort of abnormal perspective on parenting. It’s something I never gave a damn about until I was 35-years-old.  With this blog, I plan to share my thoughts with you. I know it’ll piss off some people, but since I seem to be very good at doing so in my everyday life, I figured I might as well extend that to the world at large.

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