About Justin Barba

I am from Missoula, Montana (born, raised, and I choose to live here). I have the mountains and the woods in my blood.

Things I do: I am a house painter, a partner in a video production company that specializes in creating instructional videos, and a writer of fantasy and science fiction (an as of yet unpublished writer, I should say).

I help run MisCon, the greatest little science fiction convention around.

Since getting involved with MisCon, I have been fortunate to meet and learn from many of the brightest stars in sci fi and fantasy:¬†Harry Turtledove, Carol Berg, Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, CJ Cherryh, Steven Erikson, JA Pitts, Jay Lake, L E Modessit, Dennis McKeirnan, Mike Stackpole, Jim Glass, Steven Brust, Tom Doherty, Patrick Rothfuss–the list goes on, especially of those writers who I simply met briefly or saw on panels (like Cory Doctorow, Tamora Pierce, Charlaine Harris, etc). I even got to meet Neil Gaiman and listen to him read in person. Can you tell I’m a geek?

I’m pretty much always doing something creative.

I need to add more! And some pictures.


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