King Kong was my brother’s Akita-German Shepherd. He died in 2010 at the very old age of 14. At his peak, King weighed about 135 pounds, although he was usually closer to 120, I think. If you were part of his family, he was gentle and sweet, but King had a suspicious nature when it came to outsiders, and it took him a while to trust some people.

He taught Ivan how to lift his leg to pee, which was something I had hoped Ivan would never do. King was great with Dulce and Sally too.

Ivan and King Chewing Bones Together

King had extremely tough skin–he was almost immune to physical damage from normal everyday stuff. Once he was running super fast through the forest but kept looking sideways to keep an eye on my brother, and wasn’t paying attention to where he was going and slammed head first right into a Ponderosa Pine. He just shook himself off and acted like nothing had happened.

King was a good dog.

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