Video Of Some Evil US Soldiers in Iraq

 I watched this video this morning and boy am I pissed off!  Everyone in this country should watch it and hold the gov’t accountable.  I warn you, it is some bad shit.  Watch it and pass it on to other people.  I think this should make its way into the presidential debates.  How would Mccain like to stand up and say we are doing the right thing in Iraq?  Unbelievable. 

Onion News Network!

I have recently  been watching videos put out by the ficticious Onion News Network,   Check out this one about a cancer kid who bankrupts the Make  Wish Foundation by wishing for infinite wishes.  It’s hilarious:

Also look at this one about monitoring paranoid schizophrenics:

I took Ivan to the Vet this morning to have his blood checked.  He is feeling better on his treatment, just as the vet anicipated, although it pretty much indicates that he has a form of hepatitis which is common enough in Doberman Pinschers.  Hepatitis destroys the liver, although it can be treated.  He has gained back 2.2 pounds in a week, which is a good sign.  I have to wait for the blood test results tomorrow.  Hopefully his liver function will have improved.


 Ivan is now eating like a hobbit.  He already had breakfast at about 7:00 this morning and is due for second breakfast any time now.  Maybe 9:00.  Then he will certainly have elevensies, lunch, and then probably a second lunch (I am not sure what a hobbit would call it), before having dinner and a night time snack.  He is looking/eating/apparently feeling better every day.  Yesterday he even ate some dog food as soon as I opened the can, which is great, since a few days ago he wouldn’t touch it even though he seemed hungry.  Yay!

Since It’s Sunday . . . Might As Well Talk About Religion

Right now I am watching The CBS Sunday Morning Show, one of the best programs on TV.  They are discussing tithing in christian churches . . . it is damned interesting.  As a non-religious kind of guy, I still find it intriguing to  look into some of the negative practices sometimes (often?) present in these churches.  Right this second they are showing people, who though they are poor, still give money to churches at “giving kiosks”  ehere they can supposedly help other people,  If you are way in debt like one family they showed, you probably should try to get yourself out of your own hole and not continue to give money away.  Now, I don’t doubt tithing helps people, of course it does, but when you have some of these “ministers” flying around the world in private jets, living in mansions, being on TV, well, you have to wonder whom is being helped, don’t you?  Of course these “churches” aren’t the norm across the US, but hey, lots of idiots give them their money.  I guess they do some good too, but if your minister is flying around in a private jet, well, you shouldtake a long hard look at who that helps.

To hear some of these people talking about why they tithe . . . one woman just said god gives back to you greater than you give away.  Hmmm . . . well, it seems to me you should give your money away just becauase you believe it’s the right thing to do, not because you’re buying power from your god.

I guess I should say that in general I think people should just go about their lives being good.  You should help people.  You should try to be positive and not make a negative impact on your environment.  You don’t need some old book to tell you these things.  You know the difference between right and wrong.

Another day

W ell, I am still sick today.  Actually I am feeling worse than yesterday.  And here I thought I would wake up all better.  Oh well.   Ivan seems to be improving though, so at least that makes one of us.

Still sick.

Well, no giant change with Ivan yet, although last night he was full of crazy energy, something he hasn’t been so much lately.  He is not a morning dog, so right now it’s hard to tell if the medecine is helping or not.  I think it is, but maybe it’s too early.

I have a new short story idea.  I want to do a very short flash piece, just to do it.  Most of my ideas grow and become novel in scale, and rarely stay short enough to become short stories.  Lately though, I have been coming up with a few shorts, which is nice for a change.

Yesterday I ran 3.2 miles and it made my cold better, at least until last night, when the cold got worse in my sleep.  Dry mouth, achy nasal passage, headache.  A hot shower, coffee, and some advil helped that out though, and I will be getting back to work in a minute.  Melissa wants me to do some painting around the house this weekend, so i am thinking about that a little.  I certainly do need to finish painting some of the stuff I started last summer.

Better go give Ivan his morning pills.


 Ivan seems to be feeling fine today.  No big change yet, although Sara said we shouldn’t see much change until tomorrow.  She said we should feed him eggs rather than stuff like rice and hamburger (which I was giving him), since eggs would provide balanced nutrition for him.  Since he is pretty much uninterested in eating dog food right now, we’re lucky he still wants to gobble up people food (something he usually wants anyway).

Check out this “crazy side effects of a drug” video.  It is hilarious:

I better get to writing.  I have a sore throat and feel generally crappy this, but I want to finish up a short story this morning and get back to working on Unleashed: the Eddie Black Story.


 Just got back from the Vet.  Ivan has some sort of liver problem and is now taking a bunch of pills to see if we can get it under control.  At least he likes pills dipped in butter pretty well.  Alpine Vet Clinic is great as usual.

To the Vet’s Office

 Well, my Doberman Ivan has been acting funny lately so I took him to the vet this morning.  I hope he doesn’t have some kind of heart or liver problem, which the vet (Sara Stephens of Alpine Vet Clinic, the best Vet in Missoula) thinks he might.  He doesn’t want to eat and has been losing weight . . . odd for a pig of a dog.

We are playing Call of Cthulhu tonight, which I am looking forward to.  It has turned out to be more fun than I expected of a horror game.  Last week we had the worst encounter with evil nasties yet–2 of our group were killed, and many others almost died.  We actually failed to defeat the ‘bad guys’ for the first time, something which doesn’t often happen in role playing games.  At least I don’t think it does, anyway.  Usually if they win you die, so this time it’s different.

I better get to work.  I am writing a new short story.  It’s a pretty fun one so far and I am pretty excited about it.