Snow Day

Snow, snow snow.  Here I thought/hoped we might be pushing deeper into spring, winter comes back with a vengeance.  Woke up to a couple inches this morning and it’s still coming.  Oh well, it is indeed still winter, so what should I expect?  We actually had a customer try to get us to start painting his house exterior this week, which is crazy.  February?  Even crazier, we could have started it . . .  but in February?  In Montana?

Story ready to go, Rant

Went to a party last night.  I am not much of a partier, though, since I usually don’t drink, but still had a good time.  My buddy Cthulhubob was dapper as usual in a turquoise suit.  Wish I had gotten a picture of that . . .  I am getting my story ready to send out tomorrow.  I am excited to see what they think of it.  Wish me luck! 

You know, on the History Channel they werejust talking about the Big Bang as being the most mysterious single unknown in science.  I guess I agree.  It is indeed mysterious.  Now, I like asking questions as much as the next guy, but for me, how everything came into being just isn’t very important.  Too many people are caught up in worrying about how we came about, and why.  I just don’t really care.  I don’t care if someone made me, or what their plans might be for me (this is certainly convenient, since I don’t believe there is any such being).

Maybe if fewer people worried about how and why we are here, and focused on how to treat each other well, the world would be a better place.

Hope you’re not too pissed off.  Okay, so I don’t care of you are.  Whatever you’re feeling, let me know.

Short Story Ready to Go Out

 I now have a short story read to send out to The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy!  We will see what they think.  Normally I don’t do short stuff, but this one just hit me.  I got the verdict from my writer’s group (now called the Second Friday Writer’s Group) last night and it is a green light.  So we shall see.

Story Lengths

This morning I read a blog entry by Jay Lake regarding story lengths.  His list is great, especially coming from a guy who knows the industry (he has published like 99 million short stories and some novels etc, so he knows his thing).  Check it out:

I get tired of reading crap online “published” by so-called experts regarding publishing.  You can read all sorts of crazy stuff, so it’s nice that this writer takes the time to exgage in dialogues about all sorts of publishing related issues that those of us who aren’t on the inside don’t know about.  Plus he writes fantasy and science fiction, which is cool.  You don’t have to worry about other genre guidelines (of course this is assuming you write sci fi and fantasy, which I do).

I should also say that I am coming along nicely on Unleashed:  The Eddie Black Story.  Eddie just killed his first enemy in the story, which is something of a milestone for me, since I have been waiting to get the guy into a fight scene since I came up with the idea for him.

Clone Haiku

Yesterday I wrote a haiku about eating cloned meat for Jay Lake’s blog (although his contest had nothing to do with the subject, it’s what I was thinking about).  Here it is:

Sharpen your steak knife
Please don’t forget my cloned beef
Pass me the gravy.

My buddy CthulhuBob felt inspired to write one this morning as well.  Here it is:

Eat up the cloned beef
Too many arms and cancer
All the wiser now

So if anyone out there wants to add to the list, please do so here.  I don’t expect much since my little blog is just a speck, but hey, surprise me.

Hello from Missoula!

Howdy ho and hello!  Well, I have decided to move my blog from to Livejournal here so other people can post on it.  Yay!!  I am probably the only one cheering at this moment, but that’s okay.

This morning I posted a quick haiku (is there any other kind?) on Jay Lake’s blog for a contest he is running:

I didn’t actually write about why I should win the contest, which is what you are supposed to do, but that’s not what came to me this morning.  I would love to win an ARC (Advance Reading Copy) of his new story Escapement,  but I was caught up in thinking about eating cloned animals.  How awful an idea is that?  I don’t want to eat some engineered beast (even though, really, we have already, from what I read in an article yesterday).  Yuck!  I guess one could make the argument that we already constantly eat engineered plants, but it just doesn;t seem as bad to me as eating cloned animals.  I keep thinking about that cloned sheep stumbling around . . .  no thanks.

I better get to writing this morning.  It’s a bright sunny day here (a rarity for Missoula) and looks like spring outside, which gets me going.