Peeing on the Taliban: Abu Ghraib 2? I Think Not

Okay, so a group of US Marines peed on some Taliban corpses.

I see what’s wrong with it. They shouldn’t have done it. It was illegal. I strongly oppose doing things like that to living people, but corpses?

They’re making a way bigger deal about it than it deserves (they’re acting like these guys were torturing people a la Abu Ghraib). They should punish the urinaters accordingly, then move on to getting the rest of the troops the hell out of Afghanistan. THAT would ensure that things like this don’t happen again. Sticking these guys in bullshit wars is bound to bring out the worst in some of them.

Now don’t get me wrong. I very strongly oppose ignorant macho behavior that hurts people/animals (even though it happens all the time). This peeing thing is disrespectful and politically stupid, but it’s not nearly as bad as a lot of the really terrible stuff that’s happening over there:

Some (emphasis on the some) of our troops have recorded each other doing extremely disgusting things in Iraq and Afghanistan. You just have to do a quick YouTube search to see the videos. There are way too many.

For example, here are some Americans blowing up a dog  and laughing their asses off about it: US Troops Blow Up Dog Just For Fun 2011. This video is screwed up, so don’t watch it if you can’t handle it. Those guys should get the same treatment, if you ask me, and the video should be plastered all over the place (along with the zillion other videos just like it).

So peeing on some dead bodies is stupid fratboy behavior. It’s certainly not something our soldiers should be doing. And it’s not as bad as blowing up innocent dogs.

What do you think? Is it as bad as they’re playing at on the news? Should it be acceptable behavior?

And now we join one of my least favorite segments of society . . .

Yes, oh yes–mark your calendars, folks. Apparently Melissa and I have become idiots and lost our minds completely; she is now pregnant with a little creature which will become a human one of these days (February). Jesus Christ, I need to re-read that. Pregnant. Pregnant. Starts with a “P.” Hmmmm . . .  I am going to be some kid’s dad? Holy shit!

Over the last few months, we have discussed our advancing age and whether we truly want to continue going forward without kids. She said I either had to get a vasectomy (which she has been after for years) or that we needed to find some new method of birth control. She is tired of taking the pill–she has been taking it for almost 17 years, and just didn’t want to deal with the hormones anymore. I agreed 100%, although I have never been all that excited about getting snipped. I figured that as soon as I went to that extreme, she would change her mind and suddenly want kids.

So. After a couple conversations, we decided to say “Fuck it!” and just get pregnant. True to form and as happens with just about everything else in our life, as soon as we decided to go forward with it, it happened: we made the decision, she got her period, ovulated, then bingo! Pregnant.

The little creature is exceedingly tiny right now and honestly we shouldn’t have announced it to the world at large just yet, but what the hell? If we miscarry and the little thing dies, I guess that’s life. If it takes solid root and flourishes, so much the better.

Now is where I talk about one of my least favorite segments of society–parents.

As a few people may know, I am judgmental. I like to analyze people and group them together , making gross assumptions and harsh statements about them. When you take any of these groups and break them out into individuals, they are generally fine. I like some high school kids, I like some parents, I like some “grandma’s babies,” etc, but in general, when gathered together as a whole, these groups really irritate me.

I don’t like misbehaving, screechy  kids. I don’t like parents who think their kid is the center of everyone’s universe (newsflash, they aren’t!!). I don’t like parents who let their kids do anything they want and train them to be little monsters. I don’t like “mommy talk,” which is where moms try to outdo each other in demonstrating their knowledge of kids (another newsflash–I don’t give a damn how much you know about kids!).

I am more into the George Carlin philosophy on kids (you will have to look into that if you want to know what that wise man said about kids and their parents).

Lastly, I am making the public pledge here and now to not become one of these stupid parent types who does all the crap I listed above. And I hereby give you all the permission to bring it to my attention when I do and set me back on the right path. The last thing I want to become is an annoying parent. Well, I would really hate to be a “grandma’s baby” even worse, but I am safe there, I suppose.

Life will apparently be interesting between here and early February.