Women Are People Too, Aren’t They?

Lincoln Memorial

It continues to shock me that a number of groups in the United States REALLY want to diminish or remove women’s rights.

As a writer of science fiction and fantasy, I spend a fair amount of time creating lying, tricksy bad guys who tell you they want one thing (such as your freedom) while they actively pursue the opposite. They’re masters of propaganda, double-speak, and firing up their followers, building their hatred of the enemy by scaring the shit out of them.

It amazes me that all across the country, in the real world, people have elected (or are about to elect) many of these unscrupulous, double-talking assholes. They preach about protecting your freedom while presenting themselves as glowing examples of morality. They use fear of “the Other” in an effort to galvanize their followers into a conservative, judgmental, self-righteous Army of Christ.

They preach about the Bogey Man (or woman).

The current Bogey Man is a gay socialist “slut” who has abortions every fifteen minutes, hates Jesus, and wants to destroy your

Grandpa Rod Home on Leave in WW2
Is This the Bogey Man? Actually, it’s my grandpa Rod Thorning, WW2 Navy Veteran home on leave from Guadalcanal, but if someone said that jaunty sailor smoking a cigarette was gay and that the guy walking next to him (his younger brother who worked at Boeing for over 50 years) was gay, half the country would want to kill him. My grandpa was totally not gay at all, but I’m just illustrating a point here.

perfect marriage. He desperately wants to subvert your children, your wife, your church, your very way of life. He hates the American Flag and everything America stands for. He hates bald eagles, red, white, and blue, and George Washington. He loves Iran, North Korea, Osama Bin Laden, internet pornography, and President Obama.

In fact, President Obama is the Bogey Man, isn’t he? I mean, he’s a secret Muslim who wasn’t born in the US, after all, right?

But hey, if anyone reading this feels threatened by the Bogey Man, don’t worry–if you elect the right candidate for office, they’ll be your knight in shining armor. They will protect your freedom by legislating the Bogey Man away. They’ll get rid of his gayness and her right to choose what to do with her body, whether it’s abortions, birth control, or choices about how to handle her pregnancy. They will strip employees of all rights and put them back in the hands of employers where they belong, especially if an employer’s religious sensibility is offended. They’ll bring prayer back into public schools. They’ll de-fund Planned Parenthood. They’ll fix the gas prices (sound good to you yet?).

In fact, they’ll tell you there never was a separation between church and state after all and that as an Atheist, I’m just living in the United States because they allow me to (which I’ve been told, believe it or not).

By God, they’ll make this a Christian country Jesus would be proud of after all. Now, I don’t mean to attack the common Republican. I really don’t, even if you agree with taking rights away from women and gay people. I just want you to take a good hard look at this crazy movement and make sure you agree with it. If you do, why? What are your reasons? Are you afraid the Bogey Man will subvert your children? Your wife?

What Would Jesus Do?

Seriously. What would he do? Would he persecute people? Would he hate? Would he try to lovingly change them? To bring them to God? As an atheist I surely don’t know, but it seems like he would be more forgiving . . .

I know that with abortion, some of you believe you’re truly “fighting the good fight” and protecting unborn future humans. You believe the rights of the fetus trump the rights of the mother. I can see how you’d believe that. I may disagree with you, but I can understand it. We will never agree on abortion, and that’s that. But contraception? The birth control pill? That has nothing to do with morality at all.

There is a huge, subversive Christian Extremist political movement in this country. It’s my enemy. Not Christians, not Republicans, not political parties, but specific subversive elements who want to give America a make-over and turn it into a theocracy. They usually quote the founding fathers and talk about the Constitution and feel like they are the sole inheritors of American freedom, justice, patriotism, all those buzzwords that belong to every citizen of this country.

I despise that, and I REALLY despise the way they operate.

Even though the founding fathers wouldn’t give women the right to vote, they have it. Women are people. They deserve the right to control their own pregnancies, regardless of some odd religious belief you may have. If a health plan covers an old guy’s Viagra, it should also cover the birth control pill.

Sorya Chemaly says it far better than I could in this excellent post: Legislators: Women Are Not Cows and Pigs.

End of story.

Free Market Economics? The Utopian Way? Huh.

So right now I have been watching MT’s Democratic governor, Brian Schweitzer, debate his Republican and Libertarian opponents.  It’s interesting to see what they each have to say, especially since they all seem to be full of shit to some degree.  Even though I don’t like Schweitzer, I will continue to vote for him since I think he’s doing a decent job (much better than Racicot or Martz, both Republicans, ever did).

Stan Jones, the Libertarian, is a little nuts.  I get their idea that the gov’t should be small, but he takes it way too far for me.  I don’t understand how these guys can say that if we remove gov’t from anything, utopia will follow.

Jones said that regarding energy production in MT, if we remove all gov’t from it, prices will drop, as will pollution.  He claimed that Beijing’s pollution is derived from socialism and lack of free market economics, and contrasted it with the USA, where our "free-er" system produces less pollution. 

To this I say, BULLSHIT!

All we have to do is look back at what it was like in the USA in the 1800’s and see what humans do without regulation.  Child labor, slave labor, huge pollution, etc.  Come on!  If we just let modern corporations do anything they want, they will absolutely walk all over us and the earth, pillaging anywhere they can.  Just look at these CEO’s who run companies into the ground and take hundred million dollar payouts as their "bonus," leaving common working people to just go srew themselves and wonder what the hell they’ll do next.

Yeah, I think we need actual regulation over the basics of our civilization, from the environment to health care.  This doesn’t mean I think we need the gov’t to provide everything for us (far from it–just look at what Bush et all have done.  Jesus, I’d rather starve than have them start to "help" me with anything.  But what we do need is regulation.

Well enough of that for now.